Individual In-person

  • Minimum 1 hour /session, traveling fee of $10 added to the location over 10 miles from the instructor's residence
  •  Youth under 21 yrs old: $20/hr/session
  •  Adult over 22 yrs old: $30/hr /session

 Individual Online

  • Online course over Skype or Google Hangouts video chat, minimum 30 min.
  •  Half hour: $15/session
  •  1 hour: $20/session

Cultural Demonstration

  • "Buy-out" contract( including materials to give away to participants, depending on the size of the venue)
  • 1 and half to 2 hours length $400


  • "Buy-out" contract *additional material fees might apply depending on size of attendants.
  • $150-200/hr

English/Japanese translation (documents):

  • One page less than 500 words: $40
  • Technical translation: TBA (referring to local professional certified translators in network) TBA

​Onsite interpretation:

 Convention/Seminar/ Tour attendant:

  • Up to 8 hours a day* No technical or simultaneous interpretation - $400/day
  • Group Attendant / interpretation - Up to 8 hours a day $400/day

Fee schedule:料金

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